Rettlers is a platform designed to unite travelers to radical homemakers, farmers, environmentalists, artists, and community builders providing intentional hospitality in the rural midwest. The platform introduces travelers to the awe-inspiring wonders that the midwest and it's people have to offer by way of stay profiles, host and traveler stories, illustrations and interviews. Rettlers was born out of the spirit from those living boldly on the fringes of urban civilization. The word itself was coined from the words 'rural' and 'settlers', honoring those who are committed to life in these spaces.

Rettlers vision is to inform a hospitality culture that reflects the interests, values and lifestyle behind each host and each traveler. Collectively, these connections create a network of inspiration, wisdom, and dreams that will drive social cohesion and change amongst urban and rural people. 

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About Founder, Lisa Frank

Settled in Minneapolis, Lisa has set forth on a journey to reconnect to her rural southern roots by discovering those sentiments in the Midwest. Lisa started traveling to open her heart, mind and spirit to something familiar, yet greater than her present. What unleashed from her travels was a greater pull towards rural life and its values. The strength behind that pull led her to the vision of this work. Her background in Sociology and Environmental Sustainability inform her vision of how intentional hospitality are part of a greater movement towards building stronger communities, preserving natural resources, local economies, and equity within our country's ethos. Lisa is devoted to marrying the spaces she identifies as home to develop a greater sense of community amongst those with both urban and rural roots. As the founder, she serves as a translator between hosts and travelers with the hope of fostering connections that serve the mission behind each and every host opening their doors.

 Photo by  Camille Lizama

Lisa's hope is that Rettlers will grow into a platform that serves to inspire people to further act on their passions, encourage rural renewal and build a bridge from place to place, big and small. The spirit behind Rettlers is captured from a word, Hiearth. The word is Welsh and lacks a direct translation in English, however; she defines it as a recollection of the past, a language of the soul, a voice from the conscious. It's a call to action. It's a calling that travels through the winds amongst native prairie grasses, from the cool soil of the earth, from the heights of northern pines and from the depths of midwestern waters.

Much love,

Lisa Frank

There is no social-change fairy. There is only change made by the hands of individuals.
— Winona LaDuke