Centering Community

October 25th-27th

Tomorrow River Homestead // Nelsonville Wisconsin

Photo by Isiah Miller

Photo by Isiah Miller


Join us and immerse yourself in informative and hands-on workshops where you experience the homesteading and village life of Nelsonville, Wisconsin. Listen to the journeys of locals who have relocated to rural Wisconsin from an urban environment and how that’s shaped their way of life. Experience a low waste lifestyle by taking what we can from nature, we will craft community and daily essentials in a way that gives back to the land and people who inhabit it.

We will be exploring questions like; what do communities share universally? What resources aren’t shared? What does community look like in a modern day small village? How do communities like Nelsonville create spaces for people to meet and interact outside of their traditional work/home roles?

During this three day retreat, we will move at the pace of Nelsonvilles villagers and experience what it’s like to live lightly during these times and in the company of our neighbors.

Tickets Include:


Homemade Beeswax Wrap

Led by Rubina Martini, learn how to make reusable Beeswax Wraps as a non-toxic, zero waste alternative to plastic wrap in your kitchen.

Beeswax brought to us by Bird and the Bees Honey

Wood Caddy

Led by Dave Mangin, learn how to make a wooden caddy that’s good for cleaning supplies, trips to the farmers market or bringing dinner items to your best friends house.



Coffee Cupping + Home Brewing Demo with Ruby Coffee Roasters

Wine Tasting with The Lost Grape

Fireside Brews


Canoe/Kayak the Tomorrow River

Fly Fishing (gear not provided)


Sourced from the homesteads garden, surrounding villagers and local businesses.


Time to further connect with nature, nap, set intentions, meditate or swing into the town of Nelsonville.


$175 — Individual Rate

$150/person — Couple Rate ($25 Discount for Each)

COME for a day!

If you live in the area and don’t want to miss out, join us for Saturday. Come for lunch, the workshop series and social hour! 

$95/person — Local Day Rate


Scholarships are unavailable at this time, but will be available for future retreats.



Accommodations are managed by our partners at Tommorow River Homestead, pick your favorite room and reserve below.

All rooms are private with a shared wash facility, lounging space and kitchen

All attendees will be staying at Tommrow River Homestead.

(excluding locals)

PLEASE CONTACT Rubina Martini at with lodging questions

Isiah Miller and Rubina Martini — Owners of Tomorrow River Homestead

Isiah Miller and Rubina Martini — Owners of Tomorrow River Homestead

About TRH

Tomorrow River Homestead was created in 2017 as a place for artists and travelers to experience a rural America often left inaccessible by cultural divide. Inspired by a visit to friends in central Wisconsin, they impulsively purchased the “Old Nelsonville Rest Home”. The couple immediately knew that this was going to be a place beyond their home as well as a place to welcome newcomers and friends from all over the country.

Since their purchase, the duo has breathed new life into this historical building by way of an artist residency, a community gathering space, and an ever evolving vacation rental space for visitors from afar.

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