What We can offer

The gap between putting up a listing on a trending hosting platform, hoping for the best, and succeeding is vast. Where and how you show up is critical to your growth as a host. There's a lot to consider, as Walt Disney says, ”Do what you do so well that they want to see it again and bring their friends.”

We’ll show you how to host well.

We'll look at everything that can make or break your success with operating a vacation rental property - the impact of your listing, your position within the market, how you engage with your guests, the design of your space, liabilities, and your commitment.


 Consultations. ‘Bringing out the best behind each host opening their doors.’

One of the beautiful things about hosting is the ability to create memorable guest experiences while enhancing the economic and social benefits for local communities. My goal is to assist you in finding commonality and connection with your guests; and spotlight the experiences made possible when we embrace the curiosity between people and place.

Phone Consultations


—1hr meeting to discuss in detail your unique needs and lifestyle, and what you have to offer.

—an in-depth analysis of your property through photo, and or video footage sent by clients, with a full written report containing observations and recommendations. 

—recommendations for listing platforms that fit your target niche and opportunities to optimize your listing.

— a follow-up to further discuss recommendations and a drafted property listing.

—a 1/2hr final meeting to assess any challenges in the first few experiences in hosting, and adapt any needs accordingly. 

**The cost for phone consultations start at $50 for the initial hour and can be credited toward additional services, should you choose to move forward.

In-Person Consultations & Property Visits 


—an in-depth consultation at your property. Firstly we'll look at your unique needs and lifestyle as a host, what you have to offer, and what you want out of operating a vacation rental property. Secondly, we'll discuss the design and capabilities of your space in an effort to make your property look as attractive as possible to prospective guests. Lastly, we’ll explore the properties activity/adventure potential.

—assistance evaluating listing platforms and comparing your potential with other properties in your area.

—an offering of community based partnerships that provide experience based enrichment for your guests.

—a draft of your listing including articulate and thoughtful content that best represents the mission behind your property.

—a collection of photographs that show your property at its best.

—post launch meeting to amend any content, or input regarding any initial challenges. 


*In-person consultations must be located within the Midwestern region—primarily available to serve the Twin Cities including greater MN, Northern IA, Wisconsin, and Western SD