Fern Hollow Cabin

Spanning across southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and northwestern Illinois are foothills of cornfields and broad green valleys known as the Driftless Area. Travel back into a place where wagon tracks are not uncommon, dirt roads lead you home and where expansive blue skies meet the hills of Decorah Iowa, home of Fern Hollow Cabin

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Liz Rog 

Built in 1853, restored in 1989, Fern Hollow remains primitive in nature furnished with heritage, good energy, great company and as Liz says it, a home for the common person. A visit will lend you an experience that feeds your spirit with the nourishment of simpler times without a text or a snapchat. There is a mix of old and new here and your heart will simply fall back and rest. 

Sheila Sherwin, founder of 'Real Small Towns' recently shared a writing by Liz that captured her spirit of hospitality. Liz wrote, "There are countless ways to serve the world. Some leave their homes and travel to faraway lands to serve our needy planet, and I honor their work. Me, I only know how to serve right here where I live, playing the small parts of this place, knowing that I’m on of the global team that’s holding it all together. Here’s one way. I’ll open my door, dissolve the wall of mine-yours, keep looking for ways to practice radical generosity right here where I live." (The Ways and Means: Open the Doors")

Appreciate the difference of a place outside your own, surrender yourself to a change of pace, an unfamiliar landscape, an unusual lantern, a different tick of a clock, and a feeling of endlessness taking over your time. Sing the songs of Fern Hollow, sing a song with Liz, walk through the prairies and don't hold back on making a new friend.

Aged guest books chronicle precious moments shared at Fern Hollow. I can assure you, your moments will flow out of you in the form of immense gratitude. Your words will then be made precious to Liz and those who travel years after you. 




  • Sleeps 4

  • Additional floor space for kids, or the adventurer

  • Modern equipped kitchen

  • Indoor composting toilet

  • Primitive indoor shower


  • Off-grid living

  • History

  • Songs with Liz

  • Intentional Living

  • Hiking

  • Bird Watching

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