Lily Springs Farm

A few miles past the bluffs of St. Croix and into the rolling hills of western Wisconsin sits an active farmhouse that serves as a hub for regeneration, education and celebration. Stepping out onto the grounds of Lily Springs puts you at the heart of what makes up the Midwest, a composition of woodlands, wetlands, open fields, and a lake. 

Photo by  Kylee Leonetti
Photo by  Kylee Leonetti
Photo by  Kylee Leonetti
Photo by  Kylee Leonetti
Photo by  Kylee Leonetti
A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.
— Aldo Leopold


Drew Slevin & Lindsay Rehban

Meet two individual souls who have settled in Osceola, Wisconsin, both with a shared dream to produce healthy food systems, while simultaneously building soil and strengthening the habitat for life outside of the human ethos. United with other team members of the farm, they promote an experience at Lily Springs that celebrates the evolving regeneration of the land and people who make up it's surrounding rural community. 

As hosts, the team has a philosophy of what a shared space is at Lily Springs, that being a space made up of plants, animals, minerals, bugs and the many guests who visit. A farmhouse sits lakeside amongst the woodlands where wooden floors are worn with years of gatherings and retreats. As you follow the staircase leading into the sleeping quarters, you will find individual spaces of refuge, each with a personality of their own. 

Drew serves as the farm manager, which frankly encompasses responsibilities from managing all things social, including your farm stay to leading the goats. Drew speaks to his life in the country and particularly farming being it is hard work. As a host and community member, he fosters an environment that's conducive in understanding differences across those with urban and rural roots. He shares, "If you visit from an urban setting, please have the presence of mind to withhold urban judgement. Recycling and waste management is usually more difficult out here.  I'm thrilled that cities have municipal compost programs, but it doesn't exist out here. So if you put compostable flatware and plates in my compost piles, I have to pull it all out. I do, however, understand and appreciate your good intentions. We just build soil differently." 

As a guest, tune yourself into your surroundings and connect to the land and fall deep into the pace of rural life on the farm. Take what your experiencing as a way and means towards building a more just and healthy environment, as a way of honoring Lily Springs core values of restoration, education and celebration.






  • Sleeps 8+

  • Bathroom + hot shower  

  • Sauna 

  • Fully-equipped kitchen 

  • Heat/Electricity 


  • Farm Tour + Goats

  • Nature Walks

  • Kayak/Canoe (seasonal)

  • Cross Country Ski (seasonal)

  • Swimming

  • Bonfires

  • Events (see Lily Springs website below)

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