Moonstone Farm

As you travel through Western Minnesota, you will likely find your way driving through the Minnesota Prairie Waters Region, which spans across the northern/western portion of the Minnesota River Valley. The drive will lead to scenes from Sweet Land, where you will eventually arrive in Montevideo, MN, the home of Moonstone Farm

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Richard & Audrey

Formerly a brooder house, now a one-room cottage, Richard and Audrey invite you to come stay where a century of farm seasons carve out the parameters of their farmstead. Together, their dedication to land stewardship, organic farming, education, art and community are at the heart of their homestead. 

Feeling immersed in your stay at Moonstone is feeling the richness of folklore and wide-ranging culinary traditions that surround you by way of local art, musical instruments, cookbooks and an abundance of home grown produce. Those traditions are celebrated, honored and shared amongst those who visit longing to experience farm to fork first hand. 

As hosts they have diversified the activities that they have made available to guests as it inherently enhances the value of their products and property. As a traveler, you feel that you are playing a vital role in the conservation and vitality of their land. Be a student of their teachings by adopting their ways of life during your stay. Find solitude amongst the beauty of prairie grasses, tune in to the sounds calling out from the pastures, or don't fear getting your hands dirty with farm chores.

A force to be heard by Richard and Audrey is the simple notion idea that stewardship is leaving a system and space better than you found it. As a traveler, help be that driving force by leaving their farmstead with the smallest footprint possible. It's impossible to part ways and say goodbye without purchasing a few lbs of grass-fed beef, a barn star or a hand-thrown mug. 







  • Sleeps 2

  • Indoor bathing facilities + outdoor shower & privy

  • Equipped Summer Kitchen

  • Organic breakfast/fair trade coffee

  • Internet

  • Heat/electricity


  • Farm chores / organic farming

  • Canoe (seasonal)

  • Ski (seasonal)

  • Coal Fired Pizza (events/on request)

  • Bonfires

  • Shop grass-fed beef, local cheeses, honey, preserves, seasonal berries, Audrey's barn stars and Richard's hand-thrown pottery

Want to learn more? Ready to book your stay? Visit the website below.