Trade River Retreat Center

Pass through river communities, towns and cities along the picturesque drive comprised of state wildlife areas, nature preserves and river bluffs. Arrive at Trade River Retreat Center in Grantsburg, Wisconsin by following a short curved driveway back into an isolated sanctuary lined with tall trees and a flowing river. 

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Douglas Beasley 

Douglas has curated a space in rural Wisconsin that embodies a life well explored, enriched and at peace. His eye for design provides a serenity that connects people to nature and a spirit that breathes in and out of the walls of this cabin. As a photographer, he displays pieces of his work on the walls, as he says "in hopes that his photographs act as prayer-like offerings, as a departure point for the viewer’s own visual or spiritual journey".

Douglas invites guests to connect to the mystery within themselves by taking away the noise from daily living. Removing that noise looks like your breath falling in sync for the first time, the pulse of you heart finding the tune of a rhythmic beat. It's not about finding something here, rather bringing out what already exists within your soul and under your skin. Take time to walk his paths that have been forged with intention, you will find yourself in awe with nature. Hear the sounds of river water clashing against rocks, the sounds of wind ringing the chimes hung from the trees and the look of your own reflection in an ever so slightly propped up mirror against a tree. 

As a guest, day to day during your stay...think about what set your day apart from the rest? How did you make your stay uniquely yours? This is a powerful act of selection and awareness that will allow you to become more in tune with your surroundings and the story that you are writing about your retreat.  

While Douglas doesn't currently reside at the center, his presence surrounds you as you listen to his music, cook in his kitchen and interact with his space. If you are interested in making the more of a personal connection at Trade River consider booking a private custom workshop created for you or your small group led by Douglas himself. 


  • Sleeps 2 (best for solo trips)

  • Indoor bathing

  • Fully-equipped kitchen

  • Sauna

  • Heat/Electricity + Wood Stove

  • High resolution audio system

  • Internet


  • Mindfullness

  • Nature Walks

  • Swimming

  • Wildlife

  • Bonfires

Want to learn more? Ready to book your stay? Visit the website below.