Tomorrow River Homestead

Just past your slew of rural farm land in Central Wisconsin is a quaint little village called Nelsonville. Situated near by is the villages historical Rising Star Mill, post office, local town shops, and Ruby Coffee Roasters is a homestead with a pulse on the local community and a mission that offers all travelers an inclusive stay in rural America.

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Cred: Rubina Martini

Cred: Rubina Martini

Cred: Rubina Martini

Cred: Rubina Martini

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Cred: Thomas Wegner

Cred: Thomas Wegner

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Rubina and Zay

As a place for artists and travelers to experience rural America, Tomorrow River Homestead offers folks an opportunity to experience a place ‘often left inaccessible by cultural divide’ as stated on their website. Located off the main drag of a village with a population of 155 in Central Wisconsin, this homestead offers travelers the possibility of gleaning new perspectives on rural life. Owners Rubina and Zay moved to Nelsonville, Wisconsin on a quest to elevate their voice, their work, and their art. What they discovered in Nelsonville was an opportunity to be seen, heard, and part of the fabric of this small Midwestern community. The couple saw potential in a decaying homestead and have set fourth on a mission to create a space that reflects the interests and values for travelers of all backgrounds and identities. Project after project, the homestead is an evolving mission serving those with a passion for art, community and the preservation of rural life.

At the forefront of their mission, the duo offers residencies for artists looking for creative rural spaces to cultivate their passions. As seasons allow, travelers and artists are invited to enjoy the heart of the homesteads name, the Tomorrow River by way of tube or canoe. Under the moon and stars, end a day fireside with a cold brew from Central Water Brewing Co. . With each guest, with each piece of art, with each newcomer accepting their recommendations for local establishments, Rue and Zay are slowly contributing to a rebrand of this small village in central Wisconsin by advocating for the best of people and place within their community.


  • local art

  • breakfast with locally roasted coffee

  • tomorrow River (Tube/canoe)

  • Walking trails

  • Summer Garden

  • Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Local shops in nelsonville

  • Central Waters Brewery

  • Access to state parks and trails


  • Multiple Private rooms

  • 1 shared bathroom w/shower

  • Toiletry essentials

  • 1 artist in residency space

  • Full-equipped kitchen

  • Washer/Dryer

  • Community Leisure space

  • Laptop friendly workspace

  • Wi-fi

  • Free parking on premises

Lisa Frank