Palmquist Farm

Travel along miles of verdant farmland where electrical lines come and go as you pass in and out of Amish communities. As you arrive closer to the farm, you will pass one-room schoolhouses, decaying barns, and large scale commercial farms, all that make-up the beauty of the landscape. The rural community of Brantwood, Wisconsin was settled in the late 1890's as a logging community, a true gateway into a Palmquist stay experience. 

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Built in 1902, the horse barn is one of the oldest buildings still being used on the farm. As guests approach the homestead, their eyes will be greeted with this expansive barn that stretches across the entrance to the farm. Of course, the best part is the horses!  Cozy up with hay and blankets to enjoy the ride. If you like singing, story telling or enjoying the sounds of a soft horse trot through nature, this ride won't fall short. Upon your return, find you way to a cup of hot cider and coffee that's waiting to be held by your cold hands. 

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Constructed in traditional Finnish fashioned, the Sauna is to be enjoyed by as a bathing ritual in which it has been performed amongst the Finnish for thousands of years. Within seconds of entering the sauna a wave of moist heat will creep up around your ankles and over your legs before enveloping your whole body. As you sit on varying levels within the Sauna, one can only feel fully immersed in the Finnish roots of the Palmquist farmstead. This Sauna is desgined to be enjoyed throughout your stay and day. In traditional Fin fashioned and as the lumberjacks once did, see how long you can stand the heat before needing a cool rinse in the saunas built in shower. 

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Jim and Helen Palmquist 

Jim and Helen have carried on a century old homestead in rural Wisconsin that's reflects Finnish roots with a rich and genuine experience. With 800-acres of land on their hands, you will find that there is something for everyone on the farm. Historically rich, abundant with community and situated in a beautiful well-preserved rural area, Palmquist Farm truly brings people together like no other place. 

Built by generations over the years, guests can enjoy lodging in a range of unique and cozy cabins. They’re perfect for individuals, couples, and families. As a guest, stoke the wood burning fireplaces found in each cabin and take in the historical nature that can be found in the grains of wood that surround you. The story of the farm is a form of living history, as a traveller you are part of that story. If you want to seek a deeper connection to the farm and it's history, read The Walking Tour written by the Palmquists. If you can't catch Jim or Helen to hear stories in person, I can guarantee you that their voices will come right out of the pages. 

A hearty home-cooked meal is calling your name for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These farmhouse traditions are at the heart of what makes Palmquist magical. It brings us together, shapes our memories, and unites our communities. The intimacy of the experience, and those who sit beside us at the table quickly begin to feel bonds with loved ones becoming stronger, and strangers beginning to feel like strangers no more.

The two carry on a legacy that is instilled into each guest that stays at their homestead. The activities (listed below) and traditions (mentioned above) encompass a way of life that's been preserved and shared for generations times ago through now. Their legacy is greatly supported by others who reside at the farm and share in the agrarian values of the land, it's settlements and it's history. With the turning of the seasons, the routines of the farm, the life of the family, and the spiritual aspects of the natural world, Palmquist Farm is a sure way of feeling connected to something sacred. 





  • Home-cooked Meals

  • Finnish Sauna

  • Cross Country Skiing

  • Hiking

  • Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

  • Trails for horse riding

  • Ice skating pond (winter only)

  • Wagon Rides

  • Hunting


  • 5 cabins + rooms in Farmhouse (up to 40-50ppl)

  • Home-cooked Meals

  • Fridge/Microwave/Coffee Maker available in cabins

  • Fireplace

  • Finnish Sauna

  • Heat/Electricity

  • Wi-fi