Sweetwater Guesthouse

Surrounded by rolling farmlands and open road, a drive to Fairfield, Iowa feels as timeless as an American Gothic painting, which can be recreated at the house itself located a few short miles out from Fairfield. Set outside just 2 miles north of the charming Fairfield Square, the Sweetwater Guesthouse sits on 15 acres amongst organic farms and the Sustainable Living Education Coalition campus. 

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It's no secret that Iowa is abundant with wind and sun. Abundance EcoVillage harnesses energy from both of those natural resources to power each home with clean, reliable energy. On site is a wind turbine along with several photovoltaic panels for collecting energy, which is then transferred and stored for daily usage. 

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Bill and Stacy 

A commitment to living a more intentional and sustainable life, brought Bill and Stacy to Fairfield, Iowa. Located just 2 miles North of the Fairfield square, the Sweetwater guesthouse was originally build to host their family when they would pay the pair a visit. Now, the home serves as a place of refuge that provides all the comforts of modern luxury at a lower cost to the environment. If composting toilets aren't something you are ready for, Sweetwater is the place. 

The home is is powered by the sun and the wind, uses rainwater harvested onsite and incorporates a wide range of green technologies. As hosts, they encourage guests to practice life as it is lived in the village in an effort to increase the quality of your life and stay. Additionally, the guesthouse (like all the homes in the eco-village) are designed and constructed according to the principles of Maharishi Vastu, or Vastu, an architectural building system with roots in ancient India. It's philosophy is what commonly can relate to as Feng Shui, but with earlier adoption stages through the construction of the home being the right direction, with the right placement of rooms, and at the right proportion.

As the house faces east according to the Vastu principles, guests can gain the influence of health, happiness and enlightenment from the rise of the morning sun. As the movement of the sun evolves throughout the day, guests will continue to gain wholeness and peace from the intentional design of the space. Skylights line the ceiling of the home as if you're in a observatory or a planetarium. That alone is an experience within itself. 

One could say that a stay at Sweetwater is better than therapy. It's a green sanctuary amongst the peace and tranquility of farmland and mindful neighbors. Bill and Stacy take on a whole new meaning to hospitality, one being that they focus on the travelers well-being and the ways that they experience their home in harmony with nature. Bill says, "you will get the best nights sleep here, there is an energy here that brings guests peace and rest." As the villagers say, they invite you to reconnect with nature and it's abundance. 

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  • 4 bedrooms/4 queen size beds

  • 2 full bath

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

  • Heat/Air/Electricity

  • Indoor Fire Place

  • Washer/Dryer

  • Wi-Fi

  • TV


  • Off Grid Technology/Education  

  • TM (Transcendental Meditation) 

  • Eco-Village Community 

  • Nature Trails 

  • Fairfield Iowa's Thriving Rural Community