Kah-Nee-Tah Cottages

Driving up and along the scenic North Shore is like traveling through Narnia or an open world role-playing video game; where as a traveler you're truly living the role of your character. With every bend in the road, it's majestic, it's a quest through lush forests, open waters, and small rural towns. The journey north leads you to Kah-Nee-Tah cottages in Lutsen, Minnesota, a refuge amongst the tall trees of Lake Superior

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The Cottages 

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The Gallery 

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The gallery is a collective of featured Minnesota-made & regionally created artwork that reflect a fondness of Minnesota's North Shore. The gallery features roughly 80 artists work from the region, 1/3 alone represent Cook County and all but 10 are from Minnesota. The women behind this space are artists themselves in the ways they host and curate a space for travelers and artists alike. 

As hosts, they have created a space for artists to thrive in creating and demonstrating their work. Check out their events page to get informed of upcoming opportunities to meet, learn and support artists at Kah-Nee-Tah. 

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Linda Garrity and Danielle Fortin 

Kah-Nee-Tah, a gift from the Gods as translated from it's Ojibwe origins. "A gift from the Gods" is an expression that Danielle used when describing how she felt when she discovered Kah-Nee-Tah after saying goodbye to her corporate gig. What her and Linda both describe as a dream place, truly is a place they have created for artists and travelers. Together with their families, especially their daughters who each have their own little involvement with the galleries operations, foster the magic that permeates through the cottages walls. Collectively, they are family, entrepreneurs, hosts, artists, promoters and friends. Those who make their way to Kah-Nee-Tah find themselves becoming part of a community that's being held together by these incredibly strong and creative women. 

The cottages represent and honor the land, it's people, and those who seek connection, solitude, adventure, solace and inspiration from the northern landscape. Within the interior of the cottages, the walls are dressed with artwork that reflect the mission and vision of the gallery. Inside and out, the spirit of Kah-Nee-Tah flows through the space by way of the use of all your senses. The windows cast light on memories, tradition, visions and dreams. Burning embers warm your heart and allow you to see beauty in the shadows. Situated in woodlands, the cottages allow one to come into the peace of wild things, to find presence in stillness and for a time, rest in the natural blessings of the world. 

Linda and Danielle share a value for art and see that art brings ones experience on the North Shore to life in the form of a tangible expression of their relationship with the land and it's people. Their gallery is a reflection of their value for their community and holds a place in their heart as signifiant as family. The gallery sets the tone for the North Shore experience. It's a space that offers people of all skill levels a place to both create and display art in a way that increases the inventiveness and cultural awareness within the community. There is a sense of both past and future in art, which make for a holistic way to feel the history and significance of a stay at the cottages. As a traveler, take a moment to meet the faces behind this remarkable space. Take a moment to visit the gallery and support their mission. It's impossible to part ways and say goodbye without purchasing a painting, a hand thrown mug or a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

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  • Superior Hiking Trails

  • Wildlife, birds, deer, etc.

  • Lakeside Views

  • Board Games/Books

  • Art Gallery

  • Art Demonstrations


  • Sleeps 1-6 ppl

  • Fully-equipped Kitchen

  • Modern Bathrooms w/Shower

  • Eco-friendly Products

  • Heat/Electricity + Fireplace

  • Pet Friendly

  • Wi-fi