Springbird Cottage

If you travel far west with the winds from Chicago to a town called West Dundee comprised of pastoral views mixed with suburban conveniences, you will have nearly arrived at Springbird. Tucked away in a pocket of woods past farms, lakes and rivers is Springbird. 

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Host, Anna Lentz writes a quarterly publication titled 'Wool Gathering', which is a revering reflection on the seasons. The publication is composed of reflective essays, fiction, poetry and art. In her latest Spring 2018 issue, she writes: 

Spring moves fast. Blooms happen overnight. Buds burst in split seconds, and Spring never feels like it is long enough. Worse, in Chicagoland, we know how winter likes to steal from Spring — bringing surprise frosts and late snows. While on the other end. Summer chews at Spring — turning pleasant days too hot too soon — before our blood and closet can adjust.
— Anna Lentz
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Guests will be welcomed by various four legged friends from deer, to raccoon to these friendly cats. Marbles (pictured left) and Ninja (pictured right) are sure to make you feel welcome during your stay at the cottage. --Note: all four legged friends live outside as Springbird prohibits furry family members inside the cottage. 


Patrick and Anna Lentz 

Patrick and Anna followed their gut when they were faced with a decision to invest in Springbirds property from it's previous owners. Protected from urban sprawl, Springbird provides a space of respite for artists, writers, photographers and anyone else looking to immerse themselves in a natural setting. As hosts, their mission is 'to nurture and sustain a thriving and creative place for performing radical acts of hospitality.' That in fact, is what makes Springbird so remarkable. 

Originally named Siloam, hosts Anna and Patrick coined the name Spring Bird from their own name: "Lentz" meaning Spring and "Sluka" meaning Bird. The name couldn't be more fitting as much of Anna's mission is to engage her guests and followers in the natural cycles of seasonal changes and happenings. 

The soulful woodlands of this space have become a canvas for hosts and guests as they load their palettes with color and creative energy. As hosts, they have researched, dreamed and painted a vision to create a radical place with opportunity, restoration and education in mind. The space is equipped with large table spaces for individuals and groups to act on their creative spirits. The land is comprised of trails that lead guests alongside creeks, woodlands and open land, all that open your mind to natures curiosities and ways of healing. As they continue to preserve the land, there is a sense of renewal that they wish nothing more than to share with others.

As travelers, it's encouraged to use the space as a place of refuge and inspiration. The hosts share their space as a way to create opportunity for others to share in the things they love and the things they hold dear—preservation, art, community, earth and integrity. Their happiest days are when guests create art, walk the trails, and allow themselves to become in sync with natures daily happenings. 

Anna quotes, "We wish that it remain a place of hope just as spring birds are an annual reminder of life after each winter." 



  • Art Retreats

  • Local Art Gallery

  • Hiking

  • Wildlife Watching

  • Fire Pit


  • Sleeps up to (5,) 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed + 1 full size pull out sofa  

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen 

  • Bathroom with Shower 

  • Wi-fi

  • Electricity/Heat/Air

  • Washer/Dryer 

  • Crafting Space for Individuals/Groups