The Well House

Amongst southern Minnesota's savannas and prairie grasses is Hutchinson, MN home of York Farm. Travelers can make their way to the farm via highways surrounded by rolling farm land and rivers or by bike via the Luce Line State Trail, which is a 63 mile long preserved strip of countryside that leads you through rural Minnesota. 

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Irene Genelin & Andy Cotter

Farmers are some of the most talented and varied individuals one could possibly know. National and world champion unicyclists Andy Cotter and Irene Genelin were faced with a huge decision when they decided to move and begin farming family land outside of Hutchison MN, west of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. The couple decided to put their wheels to rest and dedicate their time and energy into organic farming. The two were pulled together by a shared passion for unicycling and entered a niche within the Twin Cities that provided the opportunity to extend their community to faraway places. The two know the importance of creating a network of likeminded people who share the same general goals and interests. Years later, they find a network of support from those near and far who have joined them in cycling, joined them in picking fruits or simply join them in staying at their homestead. 

A piece of land now named, York Farm, is home to a dozen acres of certified organic grapes, pears, strawberries, apples, currants, currants, gooseberries, apricots and Arctic kiwi. A hop and skip away from their house sits their most recent addition to the farm, a remodeled Wellhouse. The Wellhouse (open late spring-late fall) sits just adjacent to their picturesque 90-year-old barn where the couple entertains their friends, family and greater community. Connected to the barn sits a summer kitchen that is open to guests to prepare a farm meal during their stay. If guests are able, they are invited to harvest items right out of the garden to finish off their meal. Host, Irenes heart lives in the kitchen as she most loves turning their fruits of their labor into a meal to be shared. Irene has adopted a lifestyle around Ayurveda which reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. When you wake hungry, Irene and her family will insist you join them for an organic farm breakfast. It's delicious. 

As a traveler, you're invited to take a tour of the farm and learn about the many varieties being grown and harvested. The grounds are beautiful and can be enjoyed during all times of day, even in the rain. On a hot day, follow the path to the fringes of the farm to a man-made pond surrounded by cottonwood trees. Jump off the dock (naked if you dare), cool off and enjoy the cool water for a bit. Sheltered from run off, one will find the pond is clear as a bright sunny day. 



  • Full Size Bed (sleeps 2)

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

  • Modern Outhouse with Composting Toilet

  • Shower

  • Electricity

  • Wi-fi


  • Farm Tour/Organic Ag Education

  • Farm Breakfast

  • Swimming Pond

  • Hammocks

  • Disc Golf

Lisa Frank