The Garden Cottage

A pass by of rivers and creeks, reserves and parks, one will find their way six miles west outside of Viroqua in Vernon County, Wisconsin as they make their way along a scenic ridgetop that leads you to the Garden Cottage. Located in the Driftless Area, the destination fits the bill for life in the rolling hills surrounded by its known concentration of organic farms and Amish communities. Its central location makes it convenient for all those traveling from Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

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Photo Cred: Sherrie Beyer

Photo Cred: Sherrie Beyer

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Photo Cred: Sherrie Beyer

Photo Cred: Sherrie Beyer

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Pictured, Wayne Ott

Pictured, Wayne Ott

Wayne Ott and Sherrie Beyer 

A cottage that rests amongst the deep blue sky, where the great white clouds float on by. The land that surrounds this rural haven is dressed in green and organic gardens. The road leading you to the cottage builds anticipation as it nears the end and becomes more quiet and secluded. Upon arrival, you will feel like you’re pulling up to a beautiful white dollhouse from your childhood. Surrounded by perennials and situated off to the side of the main house is Wayne and Sherries Garden Cottage. The cottage is quaint and charming, a bit old fashioned with the conveniences of modern life. A one-room stay, it’s cozy in all the right ways.

Wayne and Sherrie are farmers at heart with a fondness for the rural landscape and all that it offers. They’ve settled in their dreamscape where they have the barns, gardens, and land to continue to live out their passions. Sherrie welcomes you to her herb garden where you are invited to harvest and enhance your stays food fare of your choice. Soft spoken and kind hearted, her voice alone will provide you with easement as you settle into your stay. As a couple, they both welcome you to make yourself a home and enjoy their space as they do. As a guest, don’t be a stranger, together the two can carry a conversation that leaves you inspired, relaxed, enlightened and humbled. They offer friendship, something that has far more staying power than just hospitality. The stay will provide you much of the respite and relaxation one could be looking for, with that…if you’re looking for something more, Wayne is a licensed massage therapist. He will combine the best of your stay: beauty and rest. He offers sessions to guests right in their home in a room that’s open and airy with views that overlook the farm. He’ll bring the Driftless magic right to you through the touch of his hands. Might it be a recommendation for Amish made goods, the local fly shop for fishing, or recreational based adventures, the couples local roots will get you connected to the heart of the community.

During your stay, spend time meandering around the cottage as the flowers are endless and the views take you to a place of solitude. Many happy birds and bees can be seen here. Situate yourself on the porch and stay awhile, watch the hummingbirds sip sweet nectar and listen to the bees buzz amongst the gardens that surround the porch. As a guest you will feel an aliveness from the natural world as you take in the energy from mother nature and all its splendor. The property is surrounded by trails that will lead you through the valleys and hills that make up this land. Wayne are Sherrie are quick to point you in the right direction, so don’t hesitate to ask. Spend an evening watching the sunset from a hammock hung ever so perfectly between two tall trees. There isn’t a time during your stay to not be savored. As your days near the end, allow yourself to be enchanted by the night sky, gaze at its vastness and its astrological wonders.

This is a stay that is anything but ordinary, thanks to Wayne and Sherrie, it's something quite extraordinary. Welcomed by hosts, sent off by friends, owners Wayne and Sherri reflect their dedication to maintaining their cottage and ensuring that their guests have an experience that beckons their return.


  • Bird Watching

  • Perennial Gardens

  • Organic Herb Gardens

  • Massage

  • Hiking Trails

  • Access to Local Fishing Spots

  • Star Gazing


  • Sleeps 2 (King Size Bed) w/Heated Mattress Pad

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

  • Air Conditioning

  • High Speed Internet (wi-fi)

  • TV with Blue Ray

  • Full Bath with Walk-in Shower

  • Gas Grill

Lisa Frank