Hungry Hippie Hostel

Driving up and along the scenic North Shore, one will pass through one small town to the other, one State Park to the other until you reach one of Minnesota’s most revered small towns, Grand Marais. Bending roads running deep into the north woods lead you up and away from the towns Lake Superior shores to Hungry Hippie Hostel where Superior’s views are admired by travelers from above.

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Cred: Hungry Hippie

Cred: Hungry Hippie

Cred: Hungry Hippie

Cred: Hungry Hippie

Cred: Hungry Hippie

Cred: Hungry Hippie

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Kate and Jeremy Keeble

The wonderment of the Midwest’s Lake Superior is bringing travelers from all over the world to a one of a kind hosteling experience tucked away in Minnesota’s wilderness. Coined from their children’s favorite game, ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’, the family married it’s name with the ‘hippie’ vibe that captures the essence of their lifestyle.

Once filled with a horses neigh and the sounds of kicking hoofs, is now replaced with the sounds of travelers connecting over coffee and likely good beer. High up a winding road through the woods with a boundless view of Lake Superior sits Hungry Hippie Hostel. Converted from an old horse barn, the barns footprint remains true with its original concrete, reclaimed wood and stories that are shared with each and every traveler that passes through it’s doors.

Kate and Jeremy Keeble, along with their two young children, have adopted a way of life on an old farmstead outside of Grand Marais. Self-identified modern “hippies”, they have defined an alternative lifestyle that entails, homesteading, hosting, hiking and meeting the needs of many “hungry hippies”. “Hungry Hippie everything” says, Jeremey. Each with their own set of talents, the duo with their children have set fourth on a dream to preserve the lands original farm roots. With voices deep in the local community, the family has created their own unique faction for outdoor enthusiasts, artists, and those traveling from afar.

As hosts, they carry a reverence for the land and have various sustainability efforts that encourage guests to travel with the land in mind. The space has been set up with intention as guests will find recycling, composting, and conserving energy and water an easy part of their stay experience. With big plans for the future, Minnesota will soon see a hostel operating in a way that gives more than it takes from the land and its people.

The couple has an ever evolving list of ideas, ranging from growing their Grand Marais based taco business, implementing sustainable technology, reviving the homestead’s heirloom apple orchard, raising honey bees and scaling the growth of their own food for their family and guests.

As a guest, a stay at the hostel makes you realize that a community can be as big or small as you want it to be. Hungry Hippie cultivates a small community within its space, yet the community somehow becomes bigger when you realize how far-flung each guest is from their home roots. Hungry Hippie doesn’t fall short as a source of rest, adventure and good people. It’s a place to be.


  • Hiking Trails

  • Lake Superior Views

  • Campfires

  • Apple Orchard

  • hosteling community

  • Board Games

  • Local Beer (Voyagers Brewery)


  • Private rooms (sleeps 2)

  • Shared Bunks (sleeps 10)

  • Canvas Tents (sleeps 2)

  • Campsites (5 available)

  • Community Kitchen (with Basics)

  • Local Meals available for purchase

  • locally roasted coffee

  • SHowers (Linens included)

  • Free wi-fi

  • free parking

  • Pet Friendly

Lisa Frank