Mokki Cabins

Fewer folks make the final trek of 17 miles past Lutsen to arrive at the far-going Lake Superior harbor art colony of Grand Marais. A rural community known as the gateway to the Gunflint Trail, a trail that leads adventurers and moose seekers to the Boundary Waters Canoes Wilderness Area.

Beloved for its scenery, donuts and folksy art vibe, this Midwestern up north beach town is home to artists, adventurers and those seeking a dose of their favorite Minnesota getaway town. Planting his roots and timber posts in this North Shore community, world renowned Arctic Explorer Lonnie Dupre invites travelers to stay in his one his many hand built cabins.

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Lonnie Dupre

A lifestyle rooted in exploration and the protection of our planet, Lonnie has brought purpose into the design of his North Shore cabins. As an Arctic explorer and carpenter, he has a profound reverence for the natural world and has invested his energy in living in harmony with it. Lonnie says, “We can get out there, we can forge that respect for Earth, we can raise awareness, we can live; it is our small contribution.” He has adopted a style of hospitality that allows guests to experience the ways and means of living an eco-conscious life.

Lonnie’s philosophy is simple-keep things simple. His cabins are designed in a way that’s clean, functional, and light on the land. A stay in his cabins makes you ponder the thought of, “I could live like this”. You don’t have to get rid of everything you own to live simply, Lonnie himself has his fair share of skis, gear, and tools, but making the decision to dwell in something with a smaller footprint will be an exercise in determining what you really can and cannot live without.

Lonnie’s properties serve as an inspiration for all—weather you’re a potential do-it-yourself home builder, an experienced contractor or a minimalist looking to travel on mission, a stay will provide you with perspective as you settle into your surroundings. The log homes are constructed using pine timbers from foundation to roof and are painted in Scandinavian style in an effort to put a smile your face. Lonnie says, “color makes people happy and we all want to feel happy”. The cabins are complete with books that share in his love of exploration and land preservation. Stones from Superiors shore line shelves and windowsills and serve as an element to bring you closer into the North Shores ecosystem.
As a traveler, a stay in one of Lonnie’s cabins makes you realize that the land we live upon is our greatest resource, not how big or how extravagant a space can be. As a guest, when you immerse yourself in a smaller space constructed from the lands gifts, the world around it somehow becomes bigger and you become more in tune with it. The land is always a source of rejuvenation, the cabins merely serve as a gateway to get there.


  • Hiking

  • Wildlife

  • Mindfullness

  • Sauna (Hovland Hut only)

  • Off-grid Lifestyle

  • Downtown Grand Marais

  • Gunflint Trail


  • Most cabins sleep 2-4

  • Equipped Kitchens

  • Bathroom w/Shower

  • Heat/electricity

  • Wood Burning Stove

  • Wi-fi (except Hovland Hut)

  • Outdoor Grill

Above is Lonnie Dupre’s personal website. Visit or to book one of Lonnie’s Mokki cabins.

Lisa Frank