The Pepperfield Project

Spanning across southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and northwestern Illinois are foothills of cornfields and broad green valleys known as the Driftless Area. A progressive current pervades the area, marked by ethical farming practices, farm-to-table cafes, craft breweries and Luther College, the folksy charm that runs through Decorah Iowa sets the tone for ones arrival at The Pepperfield Project.

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David Cavagnaro 


Volunteers Ellis and Nathan

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Pictured on the left is Nathan Buckley. Nathan resides at Pepperfield and serves in many capacities on the farm, but most known for his culinary skills. He manages a blog called Pans and Perspective that has a mission to "provide new perspectives on food". Learn more about his work and philosophies here

Profound change is waiting just below your feet as you walk the grounds of The Pepperfield Project. David Cavagnaro founded Pepperfield as a place for folks to experience homesteading, growing your own food and preparing it, seed saving and rural life skills. Today, the farm serves as an education and retreat center for folks looking to ground themselves to the land and form a connection with the food that grows from it. Workshops, retreats, and events bring another element of energy to this farm and is at the forefront of programming efforts to serve their community. It's a picturesque place with a higher purpose. 

Immersed in Iowa's prairies and overlooking Pepperfields gardens sits a restored 1851 pioneer log cabin that is at the heart of the property.  The cabin is in sync with its surroundings and is unplugged from most modern conveniences. Arriving at the cabin, one must pass through many food-producing gardens and preserved prairies that are used for both education and an essence of natural beauty. Once your foot walks through the door, It's everything you would expect from an old farmhouse; rustic, airy, weathered with walls that could tell many stories, and full of hand sewn quilts and rocking chairs. Once you're here, you will not want to leave.

David and his crew, Nathan and Ellis invite guests to experience Pepperfield in all its abundant offerings over directly sourced breakfasts, dinners and walks through the gardens. It's during those exchanges of time where you see how there is beauty in hearing other people’s stories and what it is that has happened in their lives that has led them to this place. David and his friends noted that we all have a story to share, and if the time is taken to listen to them, so much wisdom can be imparted. Particularly as we learn from the mistakes of others, as well as what we learn from their successes. These are legacies, how they are transpired and carried on. There is opportunity that lives here, a legacy that awaits to be discovered.

Pepperfield is a place of passionate folks that attracts others traveling 'on mission'. It’s about living your life on purpose. It’s about pursuing a life rich with meaning, not just an experience. It’s about hands rough from manual labor in a society that lives and dies by technology and the voice of Siri. It’s more than just the farm breakfasts and experiences associated with an old-fashioned lifestyle. It represents something deeper….it’s an intentionality. An awakening. As a guest, a stay at Pepperfield provides you with an opportunity to slow down and embrace what really matters, a method for more deeply tasting and appreciating the good things in life, such as the food that nourishes our mind, body and soul. A stay here is gift of time spent that leaves you in harmony with nature and inspired to create a more meaningful existence. 



  • Farm Fresh Breakfast

  • Gardens/Orchards

  • Wildlife/Bird Watching

  • Hiking

  • Goats/Chickens

  • History

  • Events


  • Cabin Sleeps 4-6 (1 Queen bed) + Air Mattresses

  • Additional Sleeping Options Available in Main House.

  • Full Equipped Kitchen

  • Modern Shower/Toilet

  • Electricity/Water

  • Non-aggressive Dogs Welcome

Lisa Frank