Crooked Creek Retreat

Crooked Creek Retreat is a place tucked away in the valleys forged by the St. Croix River in Hinckley, Minnesota. In route to this secluded space in the woods, travelers will pass by St. Croix State Park, Minnesota’s largest state park with over 34,000 acres to explore. The drive is an hour distance from the Twin Cities and just a short jaunt from Duluth and Wisconsin.

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Naomi & Family

Acquired a few short years ago from Naomi’s grandparents, Crooked Creek offers a glimpse into a Midwestern families’ past, a stillness in time, a space for healing, and an opportunity to let your heart rest and lean into your creativity. Situated amongst pines, acres of prairie grasses, wildflowers, farms and fields, guests are invited to settle into the life giving space that is; Crooked Creek Retreat.

Since taking ownership of her grandparents land, Naomi and her family have created a community within the shared spaces that welcome visitors from near and far. The preservation of her grandparents’ land have become a vessel for strengthening family ties, forging friendships and establishing a fellowship of sorts where folks can feel a sense of belonging.

The space offers creatives, entrepreneurs, and folks seeking healing time and space to work, reflect, experiment, and explore in a rurally isolated environment comprised of nature, history and local hospitality. The dynamics within the space embody a devotion to supporting the endeavors of each guest visiting. With its large indoor and outdoor work spaces, a sheltered outdoor performance stage and various accommodations such as hand built log cabins, kitchenettes, and an outdoor wood-burning pizza oven, you can be rest assured there is a space for you here. Naomi and her family have made space for your everyday folks, artists, musicians, performance artists, writers, families and professional groups to come, gather, create and seek inspiration from nature's offerings.

As Naomi returned year to year with her family, this tucked away retreat space is a place where you wish to return to. There is so much merit in returning to a familiar place. Returning to the familiar reinforces the value within its existence, it allows time for developing a deeper connection to a place while carrying on a legacy. Naomi and her family invite you to live out the heritage that’s woven into the fabric that blankets the community that Crooked Creek offers.

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  • Retreats

  • Music Performances

  • Hiking

  • Mountain biking (bring your own bike)

  • Groomed Ski/Snowshoe Trails

  • nearby lakes/rivers

  • St. Croix state park

  • St crois river (tubing/fishing)

  • town of Danbury Wisconsin

  • Gandy Dancer trail (atv riding)

  • Board Games

  • Art


  • 3 cabins (sleeps up to 18)

  • Fully equipped Kitchen (in Maple)

  • 1 1/2 baths (maple)

  • Electricity/water

  • Heat/Air

  • Wood Burning Stoves

  • Outdoor Wood Burning Pizza Oven

  • Large indoor/outdoor activity spaces

  • Outdoor Performance Stage

Lisa Frank