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Kah-Nee-Tah Cottages

Driving up and along the scenic North Shore is like traveling through Narnia or an open world role-playing video game; where as a traveler you're truly living the role of your character. With every bend in the road, it's majestic, it's a quest through lush forests, open waters, and small rural towns. The journey north leads you to Kah-Nee-Tah cottages in Lutsen, Minnesota, a refuge amongst the tall trees of Lake Superior

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Palmquist Farm

Travel along miles of verdant farmland where electrical lines come and go as you pass in and out of Amish communities. As you arrive closer to the farm, you will pass one-room schoolhouses, decaying barns, and large scale commercial farms, all that make-up the beauty of the landscape. The rural community of Brantwood, Wisconsin was settled in the late 1890's as a logging community, a true gateway into a Palmquist stay experience. 

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